Zealot is a top down action / adventure game where the player takes charge of a fallen priest, the sole survivor of a long ruined Orthodox colony who awakens to a holy mission, to cleanse the heretical Paganism plaguing the land and renew the one true faith.

In order to accomplish this endeavor, he shall arm himself with the tools to quench any and all resistance.

The world

The land of Zealot takes inspiration from Slavic culture and traditions. It’s a place where true belief in Pagan deities is able to be physically manifested, granting otherworldly powers to the devoted.

In contrast to the ruling tribal cults there´s the Orthodoxy, a long forgotten attempt from foreign lands to convert the populace to the worship of their only true God. The tribes, well knowing true faith’s power, rose up in fear and destroyed the very first colony of the missionaries, sealing the ruins forever from outsiders.

Yet, centuries past, the ruins stir once more…

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  • Active Combat - Each enemy has different attack patterns that can be taken advantage of by correct positioning, dodging and through correct timing of combos to deal bonus damage;

  • Open World - The game world is mainly subdivided into 4 main areas, and it’s up to the player’s choice where to start and finish their holy quest;

  • Metroidvania Exploration - Every area has secrets and blocked sections that can only be explored with the correct tool, rewarding exploration outside of the beaten path;

  • Progression System - There are various remnants of lost arms from ages past that the player can recover and reforge into powerful new weapons and upgrades through a unique blacksmithing system based on following detailed forging instructions;

Other Features:

  • Lost Reliquary - Spread throughout the world are Relics and Prayers, equip-able items that aid the player in combat. Relics are active items that can be used in battle while Prayers are passive items that influence the player’s power;

  • Beautiful Visuals - Retro inspired visuals that take influence from 64/32-bit era systems, with low-poly 3D environments populated by characters presented as hand-crafted 2D pixel-art sprites;

  • Indirect World-building - Explore and learn about a world heavily inspired by Slavic mythology, with a narrative that is inferred via carefully decorated environments and set-pieces that unravel a long forgotten history for those who wish to dig deeper.


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