Devlog 9 - Hub Area Layout

Hello people!

As we move past implementing basic mechanics and towards starting to build content, we began thinking about the layout and design of the hub area of the well as the various “equipment stations” the player will be able to interact with.


Excuse the messy sketch, but here you can see the general layout I imagined for the area. With this draft what I’m trying to do is figure out the best arrangement the different stations so that it would be effortless and intuitive for the player to move between them to switch up their loadout. This is all of course subject to change until we get a grasp of how it feels in-engine, some things like the central square with the monuments could probably be a little bigger and wider to make traversal simpler.


That previous sketch is also helping me visualize the context and scale for each of these stations before I begin their concept art, so with the reliquary for example, since its been sitting outside of the cathedral for assumedly many years it would make sense that it’d show some wear and tear from being exposed to the environment and all of the foliage surrounding it. Another important thing to note is the actual interactivity of these assets, we’re trying to make the UI for these stations diegetic whenever possible, so for the reliquary I made sure that all the relics preserved within were on display for the player to see and equip with ease and without breaking up the gameplay, avoiding “menu-ing” as much as we can.

That’s about it for this week’s write-up, thank you for reading and be sure to check in with us again in our next devlog!