Devlog 8 - Pray

Hey everyone!

For this week’s devlog I’ll be talking about our prayer system and show you guys two different specific examples of our praying sheet items!

These sheets are collectable items scattered throughout the world of Zealot. When collected, the player will be able to recite the written prayer when praying at the altar of the ruined Orthodox Cathedral (see devlog 4 for more information), granting the priest passive enhancements. 


There are three types of prayers, the first ones grant passive modifications that are strictly positive, like a health or damage boost. These are often found incomplete and their effects are expanded when the player collects more versions of the sheet.

Next, are the forbidden prayers, powerful benedictions with trade-offs associated, for example, giving a larger damage boost while also greatly reducing resistance to enemy attacks.

Lastly, we have the pagan prayers, heretic incantations that the player can optionally burn at the Orthodox settlement to increase the overall difficulty of the enemies, angering the old deities. Only for those seeking a challenge, or increased rewards ...

Most of our prayer sheets are inspired by excerpts of real life Orthodox prayers, matching their theme with the effects that it grants to the player in-game. Here are some examples:


The first prayer sheet is Postnaya Molitva (Lenten Prayer), a prayer referencing one of the most important seasons for Orthodoxy practitioners, the Great Lent. During this period of fasting, the believer’s character is uplifted and strengthened. We interpreted this prayer as a strength increase in-game, increasing the priest’s damage.


The second sheet is Vremya Nuzhdy (Time of Need), a prayer that practitioners use when asking God’s mercy and help in erasing the believer’s fears and bolstering their courage. In-game, the prayer increases the priest’s vitality, augmenting its defence.

Thanks for reading, and for a final note, with this main feature described, we will start making devlogs based on what we are currently working. In order for those to be detailed enough, we will be changing the schedule of these to a bimonthly cadence starting now. Look forward to the next one!

See you next time,