Devlog 6 - The Land

Hey everyone!

On today’s devlog I’ll cover the starting area of the game, as well as explain a bit about the rest of Zealot’s game world!

The Ruins

The first area in-game is composed by the ruins of the first and only attempt from the Orthodoxy to colonize Zealot’s land. At first, the colony grew and reached a town’s size, complete with walls and a fully fledged cathedral as the central point. After the big revolt from the united Pagan tribes, most of the infrastructure was ruined, leaving nature free to reclaim the settlement. Although the settlement was ruined and overrun, most of the walls still stand proud to this day.


The Purpose

This starting area serves as both an immersive tutorial and the main hub for the entirety of the game’s duration. For the remainder of the game world to be “unlocked”, the player will have to complete a series of challenges and learn about most of the game mechanics, progressing through the ruins in a semi-contained experience of what the other zones are going to feel like.

The priest will find himself returning to the cathedral often to make use of the blacksmithing station, change up his arsenal of weapons and relics and to pray at the holy altar using found prayer sheets, whose effect will passively increase or decrease the main character’s statistics. The settlement is also the central point of the game world, making travelling back to it an even more enticing offer when exploring or just travelling to different areas.

The Land

Zealot’s land is controlled by Pagan tribes, with different ones claiming unique territories for the worship of their gods. There will be four major zones, each controlled by a tribe dedicated to a major deity from Slavic mythology, and each containing both different styles of combat related challenges and unique exploration related secrets. The areas are all going to be visually distinct, keeping in theme with the god worshiped there. We’ll go more into the specifics of every area in future devlogs.

(Very early version of the world map, all subject to change.)

(Very early version of the world map, all subject to change.)

The map above is a representation of the different explorable areas of Zealot. It depicts the Orthodox settlement at the centre, surrounded by the plains, a neutral area where defectors from each tribe live unaffiliated. Surrounding the plains are the different zones controlled by each of the four main ruling tribes, marked by their corresponding deity’s symbol!

See you next week!