Devlog 14 - Post-demo concepting

Hello again!

This week’s devlog will be a short one, as we don’t have much to discuss during these final stages of the vertical slice development. At this point we are playtesting the build internally and with close friends to fine tune everything from controls to audio levels, and all I can say for now is that we’re very satisfied with the progress we’ve made and that the experience we’ve created is very close to what we envisioned Zealot to feel and play like, and suffice to say we are very excited to get it out there. For more info about what the vertical slice build entails, please go check out this previous devlog!

But while João and Eric are still busy chipping away at squashing bugs and improving mechanics for the demo, myself and Sam have been brainstorming ideas and concepts for the remaining areas of the game, which go past the scope of the vertical slice, in order for us to have a strong and clear guide as we move forward towards producing the rest of the game’s environments and characters. And while it’s still too early to show you any of that stuff yet, please enjoy this piece of concept art hinting at one of our future updates!


What purpose could this mechanism possibly serve? Stay tuned to our future updates and devlogs to find out! Have a great week.