Devlog 13 - Shortcuts

Hey everyone!

A thin one for this past couple of weeks, we’ve been polishing up the vertical slice featured in the last devlog. A lot of bug fixing going on, but we did implement a couple of new quality of life features, as well as some sound effect improvements.


The shortcut system is now implemented, allowing a player who dies before reaching a checkpoint to bypass a section of the map, rewarding map exploration. For our first area, these shortcuts are represented by a heavy door in a wall that can only be opened from one side, indicated by a large cross statue on top of it. We’ve also added a shader to sort out player transparency when a wall or tree is blocking the camera, let us know what you think of it.


BENI.MARU has also been hard at work figuring out SFX timing, either by tweaking animation speed on our side, or by changing the sounds himself. We’ve also added some cool new sounds for the Prayer menu navigation, as well as some rustling for the priest kneeling.

Sam and Vasco have mostly finished up art-wise in regards to the demo, and are now concepting new areas, enemies and bosses. We’re also starting work on the Relic menu and in-game representation of both the forge and reliquary. Expect a more detailed devlog expanding upon those features in the future.

See you,