Devlog 12 - Vertical Slice

Hey guys and gals,

Back with another devlog, this time about the demo scene we've been finishing up this last month. The purpose of the demo itself is to showcase the look-and-feel of Zealot, and will be mostly played by media and publisher types. It will also serve as an early form of a feedback build, allowing us to get criticism more easily and transform Zealot into the best game it can become.

While most of you guys won't get a chance to play it right now, we felt like it is only fair to at least talk about what the vertical slice currently entails. For everyone who hasn't been following our #screenshotsaturday Gifs, all we have shown so far is included in the build, so check them out over on our Twitter, Facebook or TIGForum thread!

Early sketch of the level design.

Early sketch of the level design.

The vertical slice level is a more slimmed down and streamlined version of the tutorial zone we’ve talked about in a previous devlog, starting off with the big Orthodox cathedral, where the forgotten altar resides. Following that, there is a woodland type area littered with crosses, remnants of the Orthodox religion thrown together when the settlement was sealed by the Pagans. 


The next zone is themed around a village setting, filled with props and ruined houses, where the orthodox settlers first settled. The final setting is a graveyard-like area, filled with tombstones and a grim testament to the orthodox oppression in the land of Zealot.


Gameplay-wise, we have three different enemy types, two different prayer sheets to pray at the altar, one unique relic (the cross) and one weapon type (the mace). We’ve also implemented sound effects for the first time, with BENI.MARU doing the final mastering right about now.

At the end of the demo, for those who can get there, there is a surprise that we will leave undisclosed for now.

That’s pretty much it, as we've said it's a pretty streamlined version of what we want Zealot to be, but we feel like it showcases both the combat and aesthetic of the game in a very satisfactory way.

See you guys!