Devlog 11 - The Sound of Zealot

Hello again!

Hope everyone’s been having a great week! We’re back with a new devlog and I’m excited to say that we’re finally going to be addressing the sound and music of Zealot, as well as announcing the composer/sound designer that has been working with us recently to help us shape the soundtrack into something great.

As far as inspirations go, the theme of Orthodox Christianity vs Slavic Paganism was a good base to start, both religions have very distinct and unique musical traditions, and we wanted to showcase both of them in the soundtrack, sometimes on their own, sometimes doing a mix of both.

Early on we were lucky enough to partner with BENI.MARU, who came to us with great ideas of what he envisioned the soundtrack to sound like. We asked him to write a bit about himself:

“At heart, BENI.MARU is a traveler.  He explores worlds - Sanctuary, Lordaeron, Ivalice, and the likes – in a never-ending search for the perfect sound.  His recent ventures have brought him to The Land of ZEALOT, where he would draw from the very roots of Paganism to conjure the sounds and music needed keep the Orthodox encroachment at bay.”

Since then we’ve been working closely in creating the soundscape for Zealot and the results are nothing short of fantastic, BENI.MARU has been doing a great job of accompanying the visuals and themes of the game with music and sounds that really emphasize the action and setting, and I’m thrilled to see everyone’s reaction to the soundtrack.

With this, allow me to show a sample track from the first boss fight we’re working on implementing, take a listen.

If you’re interested in hearing more of BENI.MARU’s work, here’s a link to his SoundCloud, where you can hear more great tracks such as this one.

That pretty much covers it for this week’s update. As usual we are hard at work at finalizing our first internal build, so more updates about that soon! Thanks for reading, and see you in another 2 weeks.