Devlog 10 - Resource Management

Hello everyone!

On today’s devlog I’ll be explaining our health and stamina system, with a final note about the overall development of the game.


Our Health system is inspired by both Diablo-like games and other more unforgiving Souls-like ones. The glass globe represents 25% of the player’s total health, with this same portion being the only percentage of health that can be regened outside of the use of checkpoints, brief stops that will be distributed around the world (more on those in future devlogs). 

As seen in the Gif, when our zealot takes more damage than the orb’s maximum capacity, the orb shatters semi-permanently, only regening after a long period of not being hit or when the player exits a combat encounter. After the shattering, any damage taken will be chipped away from what we call the permanent health bar, a consistent 75% chunk that won’t be refilled commonly. We plan to use this system to avoid messing around with health items too much while also rewarding skilled players by … not dying.

The stamina system is our main way to control usage of everything outside of basic attack combos and charge attacks, which means that rolling and relic usage are the main drains for this resource. Rolling will always take a flat amount of stamina to perform, but different relics will have different resource costs depending on their usability and overall power.

healthbars (1).png

Above is an image of the evolution of our health bar throughout the development so far, with the main concern being how we could fit Relic/Prayer Sheet icons and an easily understood stamina bar while keeping the in-game UI as minimalist as possible.

As a final note, we are currently eradicating all the nasty bugs and polishing up our first private vertical slice, which means that we are close to once more create new stuff to show you guys, so be on the lookout for that!

Catch you later,