Devlog 4 - The Cathedral

Hey people!

In this week’s menu, we’re going to be talking a bit about one of the biggest setpieces in Zealot’s world: the settlement’s cathedral.

catedral exterior4.png

This is the original concept piece I drew for the cathedral, which dates back to the very first month of Zealot’s development. Back then we weren’t sure what it’s purpose would be aside from being the place where our main character awakened, but since then it’s evolved into what is essentially a hub area for the game, a place the player will find themselves constantly returning to perform various upgrades, changing up their arsenal, and to pay respects to his god, of course.


In search of inspiration, the team organized a field-trip to the All Saints Russian Orthodox Church, which is found in our hometown of Lisbon, Portugal. When we arrived there the church was closed, but the church’s keeper was kind enough to let us in to take some reference pictures and ask some questions regarding the symbolism behind the imagery found within it. Overall it was a very informative and worth-while experience that further fueled our imagination to help create this very important landmark in the world of Zealot.


Knowing that this would be a reoccurring location, it was very important that we got the mood for the area just right. Since this was once a place of worship now desecrated by the Pagan counter offensive, there’s a deep seeded nostalgia that’s felt by the player character, and we wanted to transmit that same feeling to the player too!


Entering the cathedral, you come across a number of paintings depicting various saints and the great prophet himself. These serve the purpose of reminding the player of their predestined mission: to bring back the old glory and reinstate the one true faith. The four saints are Orthodox representations of the major four Pagan deities the player has to defeat in order to purify the land, can you guess who those might be?


I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this week’s devlog as much as I enjoyed writing it! Be sure to let us know how you felt about it and whatever feedback you have to give.

In another note, myself and the team want to give you our most sincere gratitude for helping us reach 500 followers on the Zealot Twitter! We couldn’t ever have imagined our first month of sharing our humble project could have had such a well-received turn out. So a big big thank you from everyone at Prime Cut for all the likes, retweets, and positive comments and feedback you’ve left us across Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and on the TigSource Forums! We’ve got a lot more coming in the future, so stay tuned for that!

Thank you all and see you next week!