Devlog 1 - Introduction

Hey everyone!

With this first devlog we aim to make a brief summary of our game and team, to give everyone reading some context for future posts. If you want to know even more about us and our project, check out the rest of our website!

Who are we?

We are Prime Cut Games, a very young indie studio founded in 2018 by four people of which some could be considered cool. The idea to form a studio first came from our project lead Eric, who arranged for all of us to meet: Vasco, Sam and João (me). At the time, most of us were finishing various courses at different universities. Since we all shared a big love for indie games in general and wanted to try our hand at working in the games industry, we accepted Eric’s offer and opened our own office space here in Lisbon, Portugal.  

The first thing we did was brainstorm a lot and develop multiple demos to showcase different ideas. Eventually we settled on a theme and gameplay style that we were all excited about and development on Zealot finally started.

What is Zealot?


Zealot is a brutal action / adventure game set in a world inspired by Slavic culture in the middle ages, where most of the land is tribal in nature and the people are completely devoted to Pagan gods.


Our main character is a forgotten priest of a long abandoned church in the middle of the first and only Orthodox settlement in the area, ruined and sealed long ago by those who feared change. Not knowing his purpose, our recently awakened zealot will arm himself in the name of the one true God and destroy the shackles that bind the pagans to their false deities.

How does it play?


The game is a top down action game at its core, focused on correctly identifying enemy patterns of attack to engage in a successful fight. The element of adventure / exploration comes from the existence of what we are currently calling boss items, collectible tools that, as the name implies, drop from a boss and have a combat application, as well as granting the player access to areas previously inaccessible in the game world.

new gif.gif

In summary, think of the gameplay as a mixture of Diablo-like combat, with Dark Souls enemy pattern recognition and Metroidvania style of exploration.

Player progression will be done through creating new weapons and upgrading them in a blacksmithing station, finding reusable active items throughout the land that spice up the combat and recovering lost prayer sheets that when prayed to grant passive buffs, sometimes with drawbacks associated. We will get more into each of these progression systems in future devlogs, so watch out for those.

How does it look?

About the visuals, very early on we knew that we wanted to employ an artstyle that would set Zealot apart from other games in the genre, which is where the idea of mixing 3D environments with 2D characters (similarly to Xenogears or Breath of Fire IV) came about.


Being a small team with people from both animation and modelling backgrounds, we combined our strengths and decided on a low-poly aesthetic mixed with retro inspired pixel-art - all placed within the environment of a modern game engine (Unity) allowing us to take full advantage of newer lighting and post-processing technologies - which gives the game a nostalgic yet refreshing look.


Every week we will post a devlog here and at the TIGForums and we want as much feedback as you guys are willing to share about any and all aspects of what we have to show so far, so that Zealot can be constantly improved on based on those that enjoy it.

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See you next week,