Devlog 3 - The Heretics

Hey everyone!

On today’s devlog I’ll cover our main enemies for the tutorial zone, the decisions behind their design and tease a little of our future plans!


Thematically speaking, the demo’s enemies are candle wax covered humanoids, skin charred and feral minded. Their appearance is based on the idea that some humans of Zealot’s land, after seeing the power that the deities wield and the influence they hold over the populace, decided to live a life of fear and seclusion, purposely covering themselves in wax to ward out any outside interference with their minds. With time, the constant self induced paranoia of these hermits made them feral, turning them aggressive towards anyone who is unfortunate enough to be spotted. Some say that most of these hermits are descendants of the Orthodox colonists from centuries past.

In terms of gameplay, we wanted from the get go to have a balanced group of enemies in the demo, a cast diverse enough to challenge the player, especially when thrown together as groups. We decided on three very distinct types of enemy, each one introduced at a different point in the demo, allowing for a natural increase in combat difficulty, while also helping with learning enemy attack patterns and behavior.


For starters we made a basic type enemy, a fast unit capable of easily outrunning the player, that will swipe away when in range. The fodder type unit that isn’t that strong alone but considerably dangerous when grouped with others of its kind, or even with the other types of enemy below.


Next is the heavy type enemy, a slower unit featuring larger health values, and gifted with the capacity to charge at the player when in range, following up with a devastating combo when it successfully hits. When not charging, the heavy will also unleash periodic high damage swipes in close quarters.


Lastly we complimented the two melee types with a ranged enemy, slightly easier to kill than a basic one but capable of lighting on fire a flammable projectile and throwing it in an arc. The projectile itself explodes on contact , leaving a damaging trail of flames in the collision area that fades away after a while, encouraging the player to move around the battlefield.

Each of the attacks that any enemy performs has a predictable tell, allowing for an attentive player to counter or avoid damage by correctly identifying the attack animation.


As for the future, we are planning on having different enemy types for each area, with some more general ones being re-utilized mechanically, but with a visual overall, something like a basic tribal grunt whose look will change depending on what tribe he adheres to.

Let us know what you though of our enemies so far, and look forward to the next devlog!

See you next week,