Devlog 2 - The Priest

Hello everybody!

For this week’s devlog, we thought it would be interesting to talk a bit about Zealot’s protagonist and the inspirations behind his design.


Once we knew the narrative of the game would be about the confrontation between Slavic and Orthodox beliefs, we were sold on the idea of having a priest as the main character, it just seemed like the obvious decision. So that became the main influence for his design, specifically, Great Schema monks from the Russian Orthodox Church, which are members of the religious group who believe they’ve reached the highest level of spiritual excellence.

(Pictures above may be subject to copyright)

(Pictures above may be subject to copyright)

Given the 3D nature of the game, every design decision had to be made very carefully, since for every animation we would need to make 3 to 5 different directions (the same is true for every character in the game), so it was all about finding the sweet spot between a design detailed enough to be recognizable, yet economic enough as to not break our creative bank. As you can probably tell, we took some liberties regarding the vestments for the sake of readability, and gave him some pauldrons for a more “battle-ready” appearance.

Currently the Zealot has 297 unique frames of animation and counting!


We hope you enjoyed this bit of insight about our character, let us know what your thoughts are about this weeks devlog and stay tuned for future ones!

Until next week,